Couples therapy

Couples therapy is for marriages, engaged couples or partnerships that are in a difficult space. Couples therapy is helpful for couples that are struggling to communicate effectively or feel like they are drifting apart.


Sharoni Tsarafi will guide the couple through a therapy process by first gaining a history of their relationship and the main issues that create a divide in the relationship. Each partner's experiences and feelings within the relationship are then explored. Next Sharoni Tsarafi analyses the pattern of conflict (the negative interactive cycle) that keeps the couple stuck in unhealthy ways of resolving conflict.

In later stages of therapy, healthier ways of being together are established as the couple learns how to better connect with one another, communicate their needs and navigate through conflict as it arises. The type of psychotherapy used by Sharoni Tsarafi holds the belief that conflict is natural in every relationship and what is of importance, is how we manage it. It is recommended that the couple dedicates to 10 sessions of therapy for the process to be more effective.

Issues that can be addressed

  • Explosive Arguments
  • Jealousy Concerns
  • Seeking more and more isolation and time apart
  • Persistent feelings of frustration

At the core of couples therapy is the understanding that most people are doing their best and through an understanding of themselves and their partner, couples therapy can create new ways of being together.